About us

Petite Pelure was born in 2016, when I started making clothes for my daughter. As I made more, the people around me asked me more and more to sew clothes for their children too. At that time, I opened an online store to offer my confections to interested parties, while maintaining my full-time job as a dispensing optician.

Bébé2 then arrived in our lives and time was starting to run out more and more for making things, but I still had the desire to shop to find beautiful, original fabrics. So much so, that I realized that fabrics, and especially the designs on them, really fascinated me. Time passed and baby3 joined the family too! So I decided to take a break and think about my professional life, my dreams and what I really wanted to leave to my children. The verdict was that they had a fulfilled mother and that they understood that anything is possible when you really believe in it.

So I left my training job and threw myself head first into Petite Pelure full time. At the same time, I made the decision to transform my clothing manufacturing business into an online fabric store, because I noticed that this is what allows me to realize myself the most artistically. I have always loved infographics, graphics, photography, so I think it was a natural fit. Art has always been an integral part of my life, since I also did a DEC in music before studying to become an optician.

In short, Petite Pelure is an artist mother who returns to her roots, and who now allows herself to live from her passions, as she has always dreamed of. She's also a single mom, who often has a hair-trigger look, but who loves her work!

Hope you like my choice of fabrics! ♡

Looking forward,